Welcome to The Sanctuary

Beautiful elephants of Sri Lanka

We are situated in Sri Lanka and are trying to improve the life of captive elephants.

At our sanctuary we have everything an elephant needs to feel right at home; a paddy field to get down and dirty, lots of greenery to eat, many trees to enjoy shade and a good scrub and a great river to play and bathe. We have created elephant paradise!

When you come to us you will get a special elephant experience which is unique in Sri Lanka.

Our elephants will never be used for riding or any other unethical tourism.

We are home to 2 elephants.

Our greatest wish is to give a better life to all of these wonderful animals. We will always search to get more elephants to live with us, however it is very difficult.

You can help us!

Come visit us for one or more days. Or maybe you like to help us by making a small donation today?

You will have to make a booking online before you come.

Our location is is the cultural triangle. Easy to visit great places like Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and the wild elephants at the parks nearby the Sanctuary.

We are the only of its kind on the whole island, there is no other place like ours.